Dr. Lotrionte talks about cybersecurity challenges on WTOP Radio

Dr. Lotrionte was asked to present her views on cybersecurity challenges for WTOP Radio and Knowledge Consulting Group's (KCG) Trusted Advisor Center.

You can listen to Dr. Lotrionte's views on cybersecurity by clicking below!

KCG's Trusted Advisor Center

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At  KCG's Trusted Advisor Center you will find KCG's Trusted Advisor Blog, offering KCG's insight into the impact of key cybersecurity news and policy on the federal community. The Center also provides key resources for federal cybersecurity professionals such as case studies, data sheets, and white papers. Additionally, you will find a special feature - comments by industry thought leaders from KCG's Trusted Advisor Series on WTOP radio, focusing on critical cybersecurity challenges facing the federal government today.