Exploring Alternative Legal Approaches to Nonproliferation

Georgetown University, in coordination with the Washington Program on Nonproliferation Policy and Law, hosted Professor John Norton Moore and his coauthors from Legal Issues in the Struggle Against Terror as well as other distinguished experts in the field to discuss alternative approaches to national security challenges. The program took place on Friday October 29th in Copley Formal Lounge on Georgetown's main campus.

Topics related to civil litigation, intelligence, and international cooperation are central elements in the debate over national security in the twenty-first century. Therefore, a select group of experts on these issues was assembled to provide insights on how alternative legal approaches can make nonproliferation efforts more effective. Panelists included:

Dr. Jeffrey Addicott - St. Mary's University Law 
Mr. Fredrick Hitz - University of Virginia Law
Mr. Orde Kittrie - Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, Arizona State University
Mr. John Norton Moore - University of Virginia Law
Mr. Steven Perles - Perles Law Firm, P.C.

In keeping with its mission, Institute for Law, Science, and Global Security at Georgetown University seeks to promote greater dialogue on the emerging threats to the international community and their increasing role in policy-making today. Each panelist was given time to respond to an introduction of the issues and participated in a question and answer session following the program.  A report of the outcomes will be available soon.