Cybersecurity Seminar Series

Cyber attacks on federal and private sector networks have risen dramatically leading to the specter of a “digital Pearl Harbor.”  President Obama has said that, “America’s economic prosperity in the 21st century will depend on cybersecurity.” The Cyber Symposia aims to strengthen the country’s ability to secure the cyber infrastructure so central to its economy and security.

To advance the public/private understanding, Georgetown University has formed a strategic partnership with CyberSecurity Seminars (CSS), a leading producer of events focused on protecting the nation’s critical cyber infrastructure.  The alliance will launch The Cyber Symposia, a pioneering series of seminars addressing key cyber vulnerabilities, opportunities and trailblazing, new developments.

Catherine B. Lotrionte, Associate Director for Georgetown University’s Institute for Law, Science and Global Security, said, “This joint venture will provide an important public service. It will advance the goals of Georgetown’s new and important Cybersecurity Project by matching our extensive experience in cyber law and policy with Thomas K. Billington’s excellent track record producing the highest quality seminars for legal and business professionals.”

“We are honored to partner with the Institute’s efforts at Georgetown University,” said Thomas K. Billington, the founder and CEO of CSS, who previously led the launch of more than 250 online and on-site events at The Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) and Thomson Reuters starting with BNA’s first-ever forums on Internet law, homeland security and cybersecurity. “Merging our company’s success producing world class forums with Georgetown’s academic excellence and commitment to public service will widen our nation’s understanding about cybersecurity.”

Cyber Symposia seminars will feature authoritative national security experts, policy makers, industry leaders and academics. Speakers who have already been involved in CSS seminars have come from the White House, Congress, and the Departments of State, Commerce, Energy and Homeland Security.

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