Reboot: Defining Pathways to Cyber Policy, Law, and Technology Solutions

The Georgetown University Institute for Law, Science, and Global Security and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory co-sponsored a workshop that followed up on the October Panel discussion Integrating Disciplines: Cyber Security, Law and Policy held at Georgetown. While this panel identified a sense of urgency for tackling the hard problems at the nexus of law, policy and technology for cybersecurity, there exists a growing set of partners who are ready to find answers to many for the questions posed during this symposium now.  

The purpose of this gathering was to draw upon the knowledge and skills of those involved with the challenges associated with cyber security in order identify concrete steps to protect U.S. interests in the digital age. Through presentations and breakout sessions, we worked to achieve a better understanding of what research needs to be done in these areas, how these areas are synergistic, and how the result might benefit the nation. We also identified specific next steps: production of a technical report on our findings, identifying potential research sponsors, organizing panels or presentations at other conferences, and other ways to advance research in these areas. The outcome was a research roadmap that furthered the national dialog in cybersecurity and to continued to build a community of people around this topic so together we can advance solutions to address this critical national need.  

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