Integrating Disciplines: Cybersecurity Law and Policy

 On October 1, 2009 the Institute for Law, Science and Global Security and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory co-hosted the panel event "Integrating Disciplines: Cyber Security, Law and Policy." The panel featured experts from across different disciplines to discuss recent developments in protecting critical information systems from hacking and cybernetic attack. These systems include government networks, financial structures, and electrical grids. Furthermore, the panel discussed the way forward on this topic, offering recommendations for the government and for the private sector.

The panelists included Gen. (Ret.) Michael Hayden; Former Director, National Security Agency and Central Intelligence Agency; Siobhan Gorman, National Security Correspondent, The Wall Street Journal; Dr. James Lewis, Senior Fellow, Center for Strategic and International Studies; Mr. Wes Spain, Director for Intelligence, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Ms. Suzanne Spaulding, Principal, Bingham McCutchen Consulting Group; Amit Yoran, CEO, Netwitness and Former Director, U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team.

The panelists acknowledged that the discussion succeeded in its mission of bringing together experts from different sectors that have interests in this issue from scientific, legal, and policy perspectives. The conversation touched upon many topics, including the role of the private sector, the role of secrecy in cyber security, and the success of potential cooperation between public-private partnerships. The panelists also were able to answer questions from the audience that further delved into the issue.
View the entire video of the panel discussion here. 

For more information summarizing the event, please read the Georgetown University Press Release. 

A full summary and report of the event are available to download.