Institute Programs

M.A. in International Law and Global Security

Following the creation of the Institute, Georgetown established a new M.A. in International Law and Global Security. The purpose of this degree is to give students the opportunity to explore international law from both legal and political perspectives. Courses will familiarize students with the fundamentals of international law and the foreign policy process in which international law is created and applied. Students will also be exposed to international relations theory and its applicability to international law.  In addition to Institute faculty, M.A. students have unique access to courses and faculty resources located at Georgetown's main campus and the Law Center.  The M.A. program offers a comprehensive survey of international legal studies as it relates to the conduct of international affairs.  Georgetown's M.A. programs focusing on international relations, as indicated by the most recent peer-ranking survey, has been placed at the top of its tier among some of the most respected universities in the U.S.  With its attention to international law and its cross-disciplinary focus on  international relations, the M.A. program in International Law and Global Security offers a unique opportunity for students looking to pursue an education that examines the interaction between policy and law.

More information on the M.A. program and how to apply can be found here

Florence Summer Program

The Institute also hosts a three-week summer study program in Florence, Italy, focusing on international law and security. Open to all students from Georgetown and other universities, students in the M.A. program are given preference in both enrollment and scholarships for this unique study opportunity.  More information can be found here.

Washington Program on Nonproliferation Policy and Law

The Institute for Law, Science, and Global Security and the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies at the Monterey Institute have initiated a series of panel discussions that address the legal and policy dimensions related to issues of nonproliferation.  Together, these two institutions bring the academic and practical expertise in exploring the changing norms, laws, and practices of nonproliferation.

Cyber Project

Georgetown University's Cyber Project, currently housed in the Institute for Law, Science, and Global Security, brings together academics, industry, and government to find solutions to emerging cybersecurity challenges.  Partnerships with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Raytheon Corporation, and others will help the United States develop sound policies for future conduct in cyberspace.