Prof. Lotrionte Speaks on CSPAN

August 27 2011 - Professor Lotrionte participated in a CSPAN broadcast on Cybersecurity. Other participants included James Lewis from CSIS and Allan Paller from the SANS Institute.

Description from the CSPAN website:

In the final show of a four-part series on cybersecurity, The Communicators discusses cybersecurity with some of the nation’s best-known thinkers on the issue. The guests discuss the challenges of securing the digital infrastructure system as well as the future of the cyber threat and possible solutions.

Our guests this week are James Lewis, director of Technology and Public Policy Program and senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (SCIS), Catherine Lotrionte, director of the Cybersecurity Project at Georgetown University and Allan Paller, founder and research director of the SANS Institute.

The White House released its cybersecurity legislative ideas to Congress in May, two years after the Obama administration produced Cyberspace Policy Review, a report outlining security needs.

Previous shows of our series include a variety of voices on cyber security, including:

Part 3: Two critics of the White House cybersecurity legislative proposal. Marc Rotenberg, executive director of Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), expresses concern about personal privacy as the White House proposes prevention and responses to cybersecurity threats.

Larry Clinton, president of the Internet Security Alliance, also has concerns, though they differ from Rotenberg's. Clinton questions the Department of Homeland Security's role and is concerned that private businesses do not have a large enough seat at the table.

Part 2: U.S. Representatives Jim Langevin (D-RI) and Mac Thornberry (R-TX) about the White House proposal and Congress' role in cybersecurity. Rep. Thornberry is the chair of the House Republican Cybersecurity Task Force, and Rep. Langevin is co-founder of the House Cybersecurity Caucus.

Part 1: In this first installment, White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt discusses the Obama Administration’s effort to reduce cyber threats and to protect the U.S. against cyber attacks. This includes the Administration’s legislative proposal and plans to protect U.S. infrastructure such as the electric grid, transportation systems, and Wall Street, as well as U.S. military defenses and businesses from cyber attacks.


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