Special Journal Released: Georgetown Journal of International Affairs Releases Special Journal on Interational Engagement in Cyber

Georgetown Journal of International Affairs: International Engagement on Cyber

In March 2011, the Institute for Law, Science and Global Security and the Atlantic Council co-hosted a full-day conference on international engagement in cyberspace at Georgetown University. Key stakeholders from around the world and across numerous disciplines, including representatives from government, industry, legal, and academic communities gathered to discuss the challenges of combating cyber threats in the domestic and international arenas. As our dependence on cyberspace grows, collaboration between domestic entities and international counterparts is increasingly critical to securing cyberspace. As a special issue of the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, International Engagement on Cyber explores the challenges of collaboration and of establishing international norms to improve cybersecurity. The issue begins with a transcript of the March event, highlighting the common issues discussed by panelists and participants, and includes numerous articles written by experts in the field. The articles examine the legal, technical, and policy issues that arise in this area and discuss the future implications that current policy will have on cyberspace. This special issue of the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs will inform readers of the many challenges faced in efforts to develop and sustain domestic and international cooperation in cyberspace with the goal of promoting further dialogue between U.S. and foreign policymakers.

The journal is available to buy online by following: www.guisd.org/product.cfm