Faculty Research

The Institute for Law, Science and Global Security conducts various research projects and supports scholarship in the various areas of international legal studies and international politics. Many of the Institute's faculty expertise focuses on the relationship between international law and aspects of international affairs including nuclear weapons, terrorism, the use of force, cyberwarfare, and the environment. You can find faculty research interests and publications as they are listed below.

Faculty Publications

Arend, Anthony C. "International Law and the Preemptive Use of Military Force," 2003.

Joyner, Christopher C. and Catherine B. Lotrionte, "Information Warfare as International Coercion: Elements of a Legal Framework," 2001.

Karber, Philip. "Net Assessment and Strategy Development for the Secretary of Defense: Future Implications from Early Formulations," 2008.

Lotrionte, Catherine. "Targeting Leaders." The Washington Quarterly (2003).

Lotrionte, Catherine. "The Fault, dear Brutus, is not in individuals, but in our system: CIA’s Inspector General Seeks to Find Indivdiuals Accountable for 9/11 and Misses an Opportunity for Effective Intelligence Reform." The SAIS Review of International Affairs XXVII.No. 1 (2008): 109-138.

Lotrionte, Catherine. "The Just War Doctrine and Covert Responses to Terrorism." Georgetown Journal of International Affairs (Winter/Spring 2002).

Research Projects

Professor Lotrionte contributes to STRATCOM report on Information Sharing and Cybersecurity

Institute Associate Director, Dr. Catherine Lotrionte, made recommendations to military and academic analysts in a recent roundtable discussion on information sharing and cybersecurity. The report provides suggestions for public-private partnerships to facilitate greater Internet security for government and industry. To access the document, please click here.

Cyber ShockWave

On February 16, 2010 the Bipartisan Policy Center will unleash a simulated cyber attack.  In defend against this attack, a working group of high-ranking former White House, Cabinet and antional security officials will come together.  Their mission: to advise the President as the nation grapples with this crisis.  Participants in this simultion include influential former government officials, including John McLaughlin, John Negropnote and Michael Chertoff.

Georgetown University is cosponsoring this event with the Bipartisan Policy Center, General Dynamics, S Mobile Systems and Southern Company.  Professor Catherine Lotrionte is the Georgetown University representative working on this project.  The goal for this simulation is to explore available policy and legal options under the threat of a cyber attack.  A promotional video is available for download at this website.

2009 Parliamentary Elections in Lebanon

On June 7, 2009, parliamentary elections in Lebanon resulted in the current government of the March 14 alliance winning a majority of parliamentary seats. In the run-up to the election, the Institute for International Law and Politics sponsored a research project assessing the possible elections outcomes, Lebanese electoral reform, and recommended U.S. policy options post-election. The Institute's Senior Fellow, Mark Gillespie, O'Brien Fellow, Brendan Geary, and Adrian Kirwan explore their research findings in the following policy piece:

"The 2009 Lebanese Parliamentary Elections: Domestic Challenges, Foreign Policy Opportunities," (2009).

Senior Institute Fellow Projects

International Funds Conference

Mark Vlasic, Senior Fellow for the Institute for Law, Science and Global Security, will be speaking at the International Funds Conference 2010 in the Cayman Islands on January 14.  Mr. Vlasic will be speaking about International Corruption and Asset Recovery. More information about Mr. Vlasic and his research is available here.

International Law: Prosecuting Genocide

Senior Fellow, Georgetown University’s Institute for Law, Science and Global Security and former White House Fellow, Mark Vlasic served as a prosecuting attorney at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, where he was a member of the Slobodan Milosevic and Srebrenica trial and investigative teams. He recently discussed the challenge of trying war criminals at a lecture at the University of Michigan's Center for International and Comparative Studies.

"International Law: Prosecuting Genocide." University of Michigan, The Center for International And Comparative Studies, (September 2009).

"Fighting Impunity: Recent International Asset Recovery Efforts to Combat Corruption"

Please see here for recent article by Institute Senior Fellow Mark Vlasic on asset recovery.

"Rebuild the Right Way - Don't Let Corruption Hijack Aid"

LSGS Senior Fellow Mark Vlasic recently co-wrote an Op-Ed in the Washington Times about the issue of corruption and aid in Haiti.  Please see the Washington Times website for the full Op-Ed.