The Future of Guantanamo Bay

On January 19, 2010 the Institute for Law, Science and Global Security hosted David H. Remes for a lecture about the future of Guantanamo Bay and its prisoners. Professor Remes is the Legal Director for Appeal for Justice, representing eighteen Guantanamo detainees. He is also joining the Government Department and Institute as an adjunct faculty member in spring 2010 and is teaching "Human Rights Law and the War on Terror."

Shortly before the deadline that President Obama set for closing Guantanamo Bay, Professor Remes addressed the changing circumstances for the detention facility and its prisoners. In his lecture, Professor Remes gave a brief background of the legal history of the facility at Guantanamo Bay, explaining the legal challenges of the past and the future. He also spoke about the personal stories of his clients and their backgrounds. The discussion was also framed by the recently attempted terror attack on Christmas Day, 2010 and the fact that President Obama recently froze all transfers to Yemen. Fifteen of Professor Remes' clients are Yemeni.

Professor Remes' biography is available here. His new website for Appeal for Justice will be online shortly.