Prof. Lotrionte Speaks at Emory University on Cyberwarfare

On February 1, 2012, Prof. Lotrionte took part in a symposium co-sponsored by Emory University's Center for International and Comparative Law and the American Society of International Law's Lieber Society on the Law of Armed Conflict.  This symposium brought together experts in the field of international law and cybersecurity to discuss the application of traditional notions of the law of war in the cyber realm, specifically focused on human rights law and the law of war.  Prof. Lotrionte spoke on the panel entitled "Re-conceptualizing International Law Frameworks in Response to the Threat of Cyberwarfare," with co-panelists Col. Gary Brown of U.S. Cyber Command, Eric Jensen of Brigham Young University Law School, and Michael Schmitt of the U.S. Naval War College.

For more information about this event, please visit Emory's website.

To view video of the conference, click on the links below. To watch Professor Lotrionte's remarks, click on Panel Two.

Conference Video:

Panel One: How Internet Access and Social Media Have Changed Revolutionary Tactics and Government Response

Keynote Address: Eric Greenwald, U.S. Cyber Command

Panel Two: Re-Conceptualizing International Law Frameworks in Response to the Threat of Cyber Warfare