Spring 2010 Course Offerings

Required Courses 

GOVT 669-01 Future of International Legal Order 
R 7:15-9:05 ICC 214 
George Little (Bio)

GOVT 403-01 International Law 
MW 2:15-4:05 Reiss 262 
Christopher C. Joyner (Bio

M.A. Seminars 

GOVT 405-01 Dept Sem: Genocide, Justice, Reconciliation (Syllabus
M 6:15-8:30 Healy 106 
Brian Kritz (Bio), Jessica Raper (Bio

GOVT 422-01 Law and Global Commons 
W 4:15-6:05 ICC 205B 
Christopher C. Joyner (Bio

GOVT 457-01 Multipolarity and Arms Control
W 6:15-8:05 ICC 104 
Phillip Karber (Bio), James Tegnelia (Bio

GOVT 572-01 Human Rights Law and the War on Terror (Course Description)
T 6:15-8:05 ICC 231 
David Remes

GOVT 671-01 International Law and International Security (Syllabus
R 10:15-12:05 Reynolds 131 
Catherine Lotrionte (Bio

Theory Courses (offered in other programs, but available to M.A. Students) 

GOVT 776-01 Sem: International Legal Philosophy 
R 4:15-6:05 ICC 216 
Anthony Arend 

GOVT 667-01 Contemporary Debates in IR Security 
M 4:15-6:05 ICC 205B 
Charles Kupchan 

International Organization Courses 

MSFS 565-01 International Organizations 
T 10:15-12:05 WGR 203 
James Vreeland 
* With Permission of Instructor 

Other Elective Courses 

GEST 590-01 International Relations in Europe 
W 4:15-6:05 ICC 117 
Abraham L. Newman 
*With Permission of Instructor 
*Cross-listed as INAF 590 

GOVT 551-01 Governance and the Rule of Law 
T 6:15-8:05 3240 Prospect Street 
Moana Erickson 
*With Permission of Instructor 

INAF 513-01 The Ideas of War Sem: Imp. of Policy and Public Diplomacy in the Long War 
R 6:15- 9:05 New North 202 
William Wunderle 
*With Permission of Instructor 

INAF 698-01 Introduction to Humanitarian Crises 
T 4:15-6:05 ICC 119 
Susan F. Martin 
*With Permission of Instructor 

INAF 698-02 Introduction to Humanitarian Crises 
M 12:15-2:05 WGR 213 
Elizabeth Ferris 
*With Permission of Instructor 

MSFS 564-01 Political Challenges to International Law (Syllabus
M 10:15-12:05 WGR 203 
Catherine Lotrionte 
*With Permission of Instructor 

REES 575-01 Russian Law and Legal Reform in Comparative Perspective 
T 6:15-8:05 ICC 119 
William Pomeranz 
*With Permission of Instructor