Fall 2010 Course Offerings

Required Course

*GOVT-403: International Law
Section 01 MW 2:15 – 4:05 ICC 103
Joyner C

*MSFS-655: International Law
Section 01 T 6:15-8:30 ICC 118
Arend A
By Permission of Instructor

International Relations Theory Courses

GOVT-643: Sovereignty, Nationalism & State Formation in Asia
Section 01 T 4:15 – 6:05 ICC 204B
Rudolph M

International Organization Courses

GEST-590: European Union
Section 01 R 12:15-2:05 ICC 202 
Anderson J
MAGES Only or By Permission of Instructor

*GOVT- 573: International Courts
Section 01 M 3:15-5:05 ICC 223B
Kritz B

SEST-536: Peacekeeping and Peace Ops
Section 01 M 6:15 – 8:05 ICC 204A
Dziedzic M
By Permission of Instructor/CPASS Only

ILAW M.A. Seminars

*GOVT-456: Constitutional Law of U.S. Foreign Relations
Section 01 R 6:15 – 8:45 ICC 105
Hughes P

*GOVT-574: Science and Policy of National Cyber Security
Session 01 W 6:15-8:05 ICC 212
Smart J

*MSFS-504: International Law and War
SECTION 01 T 10:15-12:05 ICC 213
Lotrionte C
By Permission of Instructor

Other Courses

*GOVT-419: Dept Seminar: Globalization and Intl Law
Section 01 W 4:15-6:05 WAL 492
Joyner C

GOVT-444: Arab-Israeli Conflict/Peace Process
Section 01 MW 2:40-3:55 ICC 116
Baram A

*GOVT-445: Foreign Policy and Military Strategy
Section 01 W 6:15-8:45 ICC 107
Karber P & Hendrix H

GOVT-463: Terrorism and Proliferation
Section 01 M 11:15 – 1:05 St. Mary’s G40
Tanter R

GOVT-464: Comparative Democratization
Section 01 W 1:15-3:05 ICC 120
Mujal-Leon E
Advanced undergrad and grad students

GOVT-550: Democratic Change: Policy/Practice/Politics
Section 01 R 6:15 – 8:05PM 3420 Prospect St.
Melia T

GOVT 555: Post Communist Politics
Section 01 M 12:15-2:05 WGR 204
Smith K

GOVT-578: Transnational Justice
Section 01 W 10:15-12:05 3240 Prospect St.
Villa-Vicencio C
Preference to CR Majors, By Permission of Instructor

GOVT-579: Post-Conflict Transformation In Africa
Section 01 W 1:15-3:05 Healy 106
Villa-Vicencio C
Preference to CR

GOVT-587: Peacebuilding
Section 01 R 4:15 – 6:05 ICC 221A
Zelizer C
Preference to CR Majors, By Permission of Instructor

*GOVT-588: Crim. Law and Conflict Res.: Victims, Witnesses, and Defendants
Section 01 R 12:10 – 2:10 WGR 209
Kritz B
Preference to CR Majors, By Permission of Instructor

GOVT-598: Conflict Resolution/Terrorism
Section 01 T 4:15 – 6:05 Car Barn 300
Zelizer C
Preference to CR Majors, By Permission of Instructor

INAF-503: WTO Dispute Settlement
Section 01 MW 10:15 – 11:30 REY 130
Busch M
By Permission of Instructor/IBD Program

INAF-515: Redefining Geopolitical Relationships
Section 01 T 4:15 – 6:05 Healy 106
Hagel C
By Permission

INAF-648: International Migration and Development
Section 01 T 4:15-6:05 ICC 221B
Martin S
By Permission of Instructor

INAF-649: Great Famines, Humanitarian Assistance, and War
Section 01 M 10:15 – 12:05 Healy 106
Natsios A
By Permission of Instructor

MSFS-534 The UN & Multilateral Politics
Section 01 W 10:15-12:05 New South M34A
Lagon M
By Permission of Instructor

MSFS-582 Identity & Conflict
Section 01 W 10:15-12:05 ICC 231
Habeeb W
By Permission of Instructor

MSFS-588: Human Rights in International Relations
Section 01 W 4:15 – 6:05 ICC 202
Guest I
By Permission of Instructor

MSFS-656: Development, Governance and the State
Section 01 M 3:15 – 5:05 ICC 202
Morfit M
By Permission of Instructor

SEST-510: U.S. National Security Policy
Section 01 M 6:15 – 8:05 ICC 206A
Daniel D
By Permission of Instructor/CPASS Only

SEST-569: Cyberwar
Section 01 T 6:15 – 8:05 ICC 206A
Libicki M
By Permission of Instructor/CPASS Only

Courses with asterisks next to the title indicate that an ILAW M.A. faculty member teaches the course.

This list is not a conclusive list of all potential courses, but a list of courses that relate most strongly to the ILAW M.A. program. Students may look at other courses offered by the different departments at Georgetown. The Fall 2010 Course Schedule is available at http://registrar.georgetown.edu.

Courses at Georgetown Law Center

If you intend to enroll in a course at the Law Center, please note that these coursers require instructor approval and you must contact the Law Center Registrar to register for classes.

Contact in Law Center Registrar’s Office: Simone Woung, Associate Registrar for Academic Affairs, (202) 662-9852, woung@law.georgetown.edu.

N.B.: Some courses at the law center are 2 credits and some are 3 credits. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the 30 credit requirement for completion of the M.A. is met.

Sample Courses:

LAWJ-014: Current Issues in Transnational (Private International) Law Seminar
Sections 05/08 T 11:10-1:1 Stewart D

LAWJ-068: International Civil Society Law Seminar
Section 08 R 1:20-3:20 Kolker A/Rutzen D

LAWJ-89: Foreign Relations Law
Section 10 T 7:55-9:55 Stewart D/Feldman M

LAWJ-230: International and Comparative Law of Women’s Human Rights
Section 08 M 3:30-5:30 Ross S

LAWJ-403: Rule of Law and the Administration of Justice
Section 08 M 3:30-5:50 Bhansali L

LAWJ-628: International Crime of Genocide
Section 08 M 11:10-1:10 Bergsmo M

LAWJ-672: War Crimes Terrorism and International Criminal Procedure
Section 08 M 7:55-9:55 Paradis M

LAWJ-814: International Human Rights Law
Section 08 T 5:45-8:45 Brancato G

LAW J-972: National Security Law
Section 08 F 5:45-7:45 Moore J.N.

LAWJ-936: Law of War Seminar
Section 08 T 1:20-3:20 Solis G

LAWJ-937: War Crimes & Prosecutions
Section 08 S 10:00-12:00 Drimmer J