Fall 2009 Course Offerings

The Following Courses Are Open To Our M.A. Students For The Fall Semester, 2009:

Required Courses

GOVT-403:  International Law                    
  Section 01 Tr 7:15-9:05 W-G 208                        Little G

GOVT-403:  International Law
  Section 02 Mw 3:15-5:05 W-G 208                      Kritz B

MSFS-655: International Law
  Section 01 T 6:15-8:30 ICC 118                            Arend A
    By Permission Of Instructor

International Organization Courses     

GOVT-590:  The European Union                  
   Section 01 TBA                                                    Anderson J
      By Permission Of Instructor 

MA Seminars

MSFS-516: Nat Security Law
  Section 01 T 10:15-12:05 ICC 202                       Lotrionte C

GOVT-567:  Transntnl Justice & Rule Of Law      
   Section 01 T 6:40-8:20pm ICC 102                    Wierzynska A

GOVT-680:  Int’l Human Rights Law In Us Courts
  Section 01 M 6:15-8:05 ICC 215                         Hughes P

Other Courses

(Italic Typeface Indicates A Particularly Recommended Course.)

GOVT-354:  Environmental Politics             
  Section 01 Tr 8:50-10:05 Icc 103                     Butler W

GOVT-377:  Pol Devt In The Third World        
  Section 01 M 3:15-5:45 Icc 105                        Brumberg D

GOVT-415:  Contemp Us Foreign Policy             
  Section 01 Mw 10:15-11:30 Icc 116                Lieber R                    
    GOVT-006 Prerequisite                                     

GOVT-416:  Middle East Politics        
   Section 01 M 1:15-3:05 Hea 106                      King S

GOVT-421:  Violence/Politics In The Andes
  Section 01 T 7:05-9:05 Pm Icc 207a                Chernick M
      Spanish Reading Proficiency Required      

GOVT-444:  Arab-Israeli Conflict/Peace Proc
Section 01 Mw 2:40-3:55 Icc 116                     Shain Y

GOVT-452:  Dept Sem:Crime/Corruptn/Democrc    
Section 01 R 4:15-6:05 W-G 201b                      Bailey J

GOVT-475:  Issues Pol Theory
  Section 01 W 1:15-3:05 Cb 315                          TBA

GOVT-476:  Probl Democratic Theory
  Section 01 Mw 1:15-2:30 Icc 214                     Carey G

GOVT-487:  Pol Phil Of Aquinas
  Section 01 Mwf 12:15-1:05 W-G 201a             Schall J 

GOVT-540:  Democracy & Governance              
  Section 01 M 12:15-2:05 Nn 412                        Mujal-Leon E                            

GOVT-550:  Democracy Promotion
  Section 01 Tba 6:15-8:05 3240 Prospect      Melia T

GOVT-578:  Transnational Justice
  Section 01 10:15-12:05 Tba                               Villa-Vicencio C

GOVT-643:  Nations And Nationalism             
  Section 01 R 3:15-5:05 Icc 234                         Mabry T
      PhD And MA Students Only                   

GOVT-645:  Theories Of Political Devt           
  Section 01 M 12:15-2:05 Tba                            Brumberg D

GOVT-647:  Crisis Governability:Latin Amer      
  Section 01 R 2:10-4:10 Icc 450                         Valenzuela A

GOVT-648:  Post-Soviet Russ Politics      
  Section 01 T 6:15-7:55pm Icc 216                     Gustafson T

GOVT-653:  Politics Of Econ Reform             
  Section 01 W 4:15-6:05 Tba                               Hoffman B

GOVT-670:  Sources Of Nationalism       
  Section 01 M 4:15-6:05 Icc 205b                     Kupchan C

GOVT-700:  Scope/Methods:Political Science      
  Section 01 W 8:50-10:05 Icc 104                     Bailey M

GOVT-701:  Analysis Of Political Data          
  Section 01 Mw 10:15-11:30 Cbn 301              Tba

GOVT-740:  Methodology Of Compar Politics      
  Section 01 M 2:40-5:10pm Icc 10                   Tba

GOVT-780:  Fundamentals:Political Theory       
  Section 01 Tr 10:15-11:30 Icc 213                 Mara G
      Graduate School Students Only