Required Courses

GOVT-403 International Law
Professors Joyner, Kritz, and Lotrionte

GOVT-669 Future of International Legal Order

Core Courses

GOVT-298 International Organization
Professor Joyner

GOVT-405 Dept Sem: Genocide/Justice/Reconciliation
Professor B. Kritz

GOVT-419 Dept Sem: Globalization and International Law

GOVT-442 International Law & US Foreign Policy

GOVT-457 Multipolarity & Arms Control
Professor P. Karber

GOVT-459 The UN and Collective Security

GOVT-512 Theory and International Law
Professor George Little

GOVT-564 Political Challenges to International Law
Professor C. Lotrionte

GOVT-567 Transnational Justice & Rule of Law

GOVT-569 Arms Control & International Law
Professor P. Karber

GOVT-572 Human Rights Law & War on Terror
David Remes

GOVT-590 The European Union
Professor J. Anderson

GOVT-680 International Human Rights in US Courts
Prof Paul Hughes

GOVT-728 Transitional Justice and the Rule of Law
Wierzynska, Aneta