Institute Governance

The Institute for Law, Science and Global Security is host to several faculty and fellows affiliated with Georgetown University.  Additionally, the governance board, in conjunction with the Institute staff, oversees the direction and initiatives of Institute research and associated programs.


Catherine Lotrionte, Director and Visiting Professor


Anthony C. Arend, Professor
Paul Hughes, Adjunct Faculty
Brian Kritz, Adjunct Faculty
George Little, Adjunct Faculty
Catherine Lotrionte, Visiting Professor
Jessica Raper, Adjunct Faculty

Senior Fellows

Mark F. Gillespie
Stephen Guerra
Sarah Elizabeth Kreps
Brian A. Kritz
George Little
Andrew Joseph Loomis
Jessica Raper
Douglas B. Shaw
Ashley Anne Thomas
Leonor Tomero
Mark Vlasic
Jeffrey Walker

Senior Associates

Robert Michael Murray


Amber Cistaro Concepcion
Jennifer Heeg

Executive Committee

James Feinerman
Charles King
Catherine B. Lotrionte
Joshua Mitchell
Douglas Reed
George Shambaugh
Erik Voeten